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Unity Team-Based Web Game

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I've been toying around with a web-based game (written in php/mysql) for some time now, and in the course of trying to improve upon my design, I had an idea I figured I'd run past the gamedev community to see if it has any obvious loop holes that I'm missing. Also, I'll take feedback if anyone cares to give it. In short, there are 3 ways to 'win' the current version of my game. For the quick rundown, there is the individual win (ie, win via experience), the team win (ie, win via team experience) and the artifact collection route (ie, the 'team' collects all 10 artifacts, holds onto them for 24 hours, etc). The problem is, the last method doesn't work in reality as easily as I thought it would. Since each team member can only guard 1 artifact at a time, the lower ranked team members always end up losing possession for the team. So, here is my theoretical solution. What if each team is allowed to make each of the artifacts as long as they've never had possession of it before. For example: I have three artifacts called A, B, C My team must own artifacts A, B, C for 24 hours to win There are 3 teams which I shall call 1, 2, 3 Teams 1 and 3 make artifact A Team 2 steals artifact A from Team 3 There are now 2 copies of artifact A in the game with no possibility of more being made (unless another team is formed). This should put multiple copies of some artifacts in the game while others will be more 'rare'. There is, of course, an artifact that lets you see what artifacts the other teams have. Anyways, thoughts, suggestions?

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