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Remove rotation around a given axis.

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Hello, If I have a rotation matrix (or quaternion if its easier?) and an axis, is there anyway I can remove any rotation done around that axis from the matirx. Its for a rotating wheel and I want to be able to ignore any rotation around the rolling axis. Any suggestions would be great!! Cheers, Mark.

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How a rotation happens:
b = R*a

Notation: "~" means "inverse". Ie: ~X is the inverse of X.

An axis is associated with a rotation -- namely, a rotation that rotates the axis to point along a basis vector.

Let X be the rotation that is associated with your axis and the basis vector "1 unit strait up" (aka, Z). X rotates your axis to align with the Z axis.

Then define R` := X*R*~X

R` is "the rotation R in a rotated space".

X*b = R`*X*a

What is the point of all of this?

Well, the rotation R` corresponds very closely with your rotation R. But in the space that R` acts on, the axis you want to remove rotation on is the Z axis!

Removing all rotation along a basis vector isn't all that hard of a problem. Let U` be R` with all rotation around the Z axis removed.

Now, define
U := ~X*U`*X

And U is the rotation matrix R with all rotation around the axis in question removed.

Can you figure out how to remove all rotation around the Z asis from a rotation matrix or a quaternion?

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If it is in the context of a physics engine, you may have to set moment of inertia around that axis to be infinite, or you might get some weird result if you just cancel the rotation.

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