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Ready API for networking on my game?

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Hello, I am doing my graduation project, its a virtual class(room) using DirectX 9, So its a must to put a network for the application to make the student and the Instructor interact with each other ( Imagine that it is like sims but multiplayer ). I was wondering if there is a way to embed network for the application without making the network APIs from Scratch because its not the objective of the project to do one. I have 8 monthes to do this application where i'll start learning DirectX in it, So there is no time to make network programming for this application, its like making a multiplayer game so whats the first steps i should do to do such application? And is it possible to learn DirectX & implement the application & Make all the network programming in 8 monthes ? Please reply my its so important, My first proposal after 2 weeks & i must put a plan for the project Thnx [Edited by - csdoomy on October 20, 2006 6:49:33 AM]

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