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robin theilade

AI Traffic resources

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Hello everyone, I'm looking for resources about approaches for implementing logic for drivers in a traffic simulation I'm doing as school project. More specifically I'm looking for information about lane changes and obstacles on the road avoidance. If you know any books or articles that might have some information about that I would be glad if you be so kind to post it here. Best regards, Robin Theilade EDIT: (2006/10/29) Don't be shy :) Even though none of you had any suggestions I will still be so kind to share an article I found with you. After all I might not be the only one being interested in the subject. "AI Madness: Using AI to Bring Open-City Racing to Life" by Joe Adzima Even though it doesn't have any code examples it is still good reading on the subject. [Edited by - robin theilade on October 29, 2006 10:38:26 AM]

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