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review HLSL tutorial

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Hi there, (since this is my first post on this forum, i thought a 'Hi there' would be appropriate ;) Since I started my new job a few months ago, I picked up work again on my site with DirectX tutorials. Recently, I have added a series of 16 pages, which is (intended to be) an introduction to HLSL. It starts by explaining what HLSL is, and ends with real-time shodow mapping for 3 lights. When I'm using DX in my job, most of the time I'm happy when the thing simply works. I've never had training in DX, so it's entirely possible I've put some chunks of code in the tutorial that makes some of you guys groan. So what I'm asking: if one of you has a spare moment, why don't you give the code a quick look to see if there's something in the code that shouldn't be in a tutorial. If you have some extra time, feel free to post some suggestions you think I should add to the HLSL tutorial. Here is the first page of thes series: And here the last one, where you can find the full code at the bottom: Thanks for you input

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