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2D Move along the ground?

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Hi, to give you an idea of my experience I was teaching myself C++, when MS announced XNA. So now i've switched to C# and am working on a 2D, sidescroller. I can draw a character on screen. move it with controls make it collide with other sprites, make it animate appropriate to diffrent actions... but I'm hitting a huge brick wall. I dont know what method to start creating the ground and walls with. Using collision detection to stop the character from passing through walls seems fine. But when i combine a method for gravity and colision detection for the ground stuff starts getting really messy. My ambition is to use curved surfaces, like in Sonic games, so Is there a total other tree I'm supposed to be barking up. I'm really new but usually some source code and notes does me alot of good. I am suprised to have found absolutely nothing on this. Heres my code snipet for my Character class to give you an idea of my understanding of the language. public struct Character { public string m_Name; public string m_State; public bool airborne; public float m_Health; public int m_TopSpeed; public float m_AttackPower; public float m_DefensePower; public float m_Jump; public float m_HangTime; public int m_Drag; public Texture2D[,] m_AniFrame; public int i_framegroup; public int i_framenumber; public Rectangle m_HitBox; public int[] m_Velocity; public Color[] m_Color; public int i_colornumber; public void UpdateCharacter() { Move(); CheckState(); } public void Move() { m_HitBox.X += m_Velocity[0]; m_HitBox.Y += m_Velocity[1]; } public void CheckState() { switch (m_State) { case "standing": { airborne = false; i_framegroup = 0; } break; case "jumping": { airborne = true; i_framegroup = 2; } break; case "running": { airborne = false; i_framegroup = 1; } break; } } }

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