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Problems installing SDL on Mac OSX 10.2.9

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I am making a small game for my teacher that utilizes SDL. It works fine, but under Linux, that is where the problem lies. For my teacher is a Mac enthusiast and would love to have it running under his OSX Tiger(? I'm not Mac savy), and I only have Mac OS X 10.2.9. Xcode, which Apple gives away as there c/++ compiler, only works with 10.3.x or higher. So I am using the dev tools from 2002, which includes gcc (which I can work just fine through the CLI). Anyways, the precompiled package of SDL that you dl from, is only the frameworks (whatever exactly that means) for Xcode, which I don't, and can't, have. So I need to install SDL UNIX style (./configure && make && sudo make install) in order for me to run my program under OSX 10.2.9. However, upon entering that command for sdl-1.2.11, I get the following error when starting `make', which the output can be found here at << somewhat slow lately It appears I need xlib.h, which from I have been told on #macdev on, can be downloaded from here: Even though, the guy who gave me the link said it works on 10.2.9, it does not saying, saying after launching the installer, that it requires OSX 10.3.x and higher. So... after all this, how would I go about get SDL install (any way now... I just need to get alpha game out the door) on Mac OSX 10.2.9? Do I absolutely need to have X11 installed, or is there some other way to do what I need to do in order to compile my game under OSX? Thanks in advance. PS: I don't have the funds to spare to buy a newer Mac OS.

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