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3D Rotations

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Hi, I am working on a small 3D app. I am using OpenGL and C++. I am trying to rotate a block. I would like it to spin in a diagonal direction. I know that I want it to rotate .2 of a degree around its local coordinates x-axis and .2 of a degree around its local coordinates y-axis between every frame. I am trying something like the following:
/* .. some code .. */

// this is called between frames
void Cube::update(){
	// for now update this cubes rotation
	rotX += .2;
	rotZ += .2;

/* .. more code .. */

void Cube::draw( Fl_Gl_Window *gl ){
	// preform the needed rotate
	glRotated( rotX, 1, 0, 0 );
	glRotated( rotY, 0, 1, 0 );

	/* .. code here to draw the cube as a group of quads .. */

When I preform the above code the cube seems to rotate in the correct direction and then change directions. I understand why this is, when I do the xRotation I am moving where the y-axis points and thus rotating around it will not give the desired result. I am curious if there is a way to compute one matrix to preform the rotation? If there is could somone please enlighten me, I am really drawing a blank on this one. Thanks in advance :) -sevans :EOF

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I don't really have the matrix perspective on this, but if you want to see some manual rotations here's my SDL code for a rotating toroid:

Donuts, the tastiest of nuts.

Read the text help file for controls, and there's code in QB if you want (though I don't know why you would)

Not that this is particularly helpful if you want to use opengl to do so (which is advisable)

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