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[C#] GraphicsStream woes

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I recently bought Intro to 3D Game Programming: Shader.., and I'm trying to convert the terrain chapter to C#. I got the brute force approach just fine, but when I try to split the terrain into subgrids I start having problems. Here's the code:
private void buildSubGridMesh(Rectangle R, VertexPosNormTex[] gridVerts)
    VertexElement[] elems = VertexPosNormTex.mDecleration.GetDeclaration();
    Mesh subMesh = new Mesh(SubGrid.NUM_TRIS, SubGrid.NUM_VERTS, MeshFlags.Managed, elems, mGDevice);

    VertexPosNormTex[] v = new VertexPosNormTex[subMesh.NumberVertices];
    GraphicsStream vertStream = subMesh.LockVertexBuffer(LockFlags.None);
    int k = 0;
    for (int i = R.Top; i <= R.Bottom; i++)
        for (int j = R.Left; j <= R.Right; j++)
            v[k] = gridVerts[i * mHeightMap.NumCellsPerCol + j];

    BoundingBox bndBox;
    Geometry.ComputeBoundingBox(vertStream, subMesh.NumberVertices, subMesh.VertexFormat, out bndBox.min, out bndBox.max);

    Vector3[] tempVerts;
    int[] tempIndices;

    DXUtil.GenTriGrid(SubGrid.NUM_ROWS, SubGrid.NUM_COLS, mHeightMap.CellSpacing, mHeightMap.CellSpacing,
                        new Vector3(), out tempVerts, out tempIndices);

    ushort[] indices = new ushort[tempIndices.Length];
    ushort[] attributes = new ushort[SubGrid.NUM_TRIS];

    GraphicsStream indexStream = subMesh.LockIndexBuffer(LockFlags.None);
    GraphicsStream attribStream = subMesh.LockAttributeBuffer(LockFlags.None);
    for(int i = 0; i < SubGrid.NUM_TRIS; ++i)
        indices[i*3+0] = tempIndices[i*3+0];
        indices[i*3+1] = tempIndices[i*3+1];
        indices[i*3+2] = tempIndices[i*3+2];

        attributes[i] = 0; // All in subset 0.
    attribStream.Write(attributes); /* Here I get an InvalidOperationException */


    int[] adjacency = new int[subMesh.NumberFaces * 3];
    subMesh.GenerateAdjacency(.001f, adjacency);
    subMesh.OptimizeInPlace(MeshFlags.OptimizeVertexCache | MeshFlags.OptimizeAttributeSort, adjacency);


R is the rectangle the global grid verts used for the submesh gridVerts is the vertices for the entire terrain grid I keep getting an InvalidOperationExecution at "attribStream.Write(attributes)." I never had this problem when I didn't break up the mesh into submeshes. I'm using C# Express and the Feb06 DirectX. [Edited by - glaeken on October 20, 2006 5:44:04 PM]

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Unless you specified 32bit indices at mesh creation, the index buffer will have 16bit values. You'd want to write ushort values, not int.

If you are using 32bit values, you'd still want to use unsigned values.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks sirob, this fixed the exception I was getting at "indexStream.Write(indices)" however, now I am getting the InvalidOperationExecution exception at attribStream.Write(attributes). What am I doing wrong?

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