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Robin Hoksbergen


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Hello everyone, Im planning to make an MMORPG, Please don't post things like, "You can't" Because i'm good in C++, C# and JAVA. But I was wondering, Do I need to code the whole thing myself, Or are there any engine for server-client networking??? Best regards. Robin Hoksbergen

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This might help. From Open Source MMORPG

Original post by hplus0603
There are four cheap options I know of:

- -- Open source to the core, including the game art.
- -- Open source engine and tools, but the game is pay-for (Ryzom).
- RealmCrafter -- It costs $50, but that's not very much. Comes with a bunch of starter art, and a very simple starter game.
- MMOKit + Torque -- $99 + $100. More of a toolkit than a complete game.

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