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Rolls per second

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Hi, I am retarded at math and need some help with a simple calculation. If a dice gets rolled 10,000,000 times in 2740 milliseconds, what is the rolls per second rate? Also, would it be a different calcuation if the milliseconds are under a second, eg, 1000 rolls in 345 milliseconds. What is the arithmetic to figure out rolls per second? Thanks :)

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This is pretty basic stuff.

Operations per second = Number of ops / number of seconds

There are 1000 milliseconds in a second, so 2740 ms = 2740/1000 secs, so there are

ms/1000 seconds in a millisecond.

So the answer is ops/(ms/1000)

i.e. 1000*op/ms

Beware integer division though, you will probably need to cast the arguments to float or double (assuming C/C++).

[EDIT: Corrected deliberate mistake :)]

[Edited by - Paradigm Shifter on October 21, 2006 4:33:52 AM]

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