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Hi, guys, I read Jason Mitchell's paper [Light Shafts], and something i misunderstood. first, in the vertex shader, the pos is cal like this float4 pos = vMinBounds * vPosition + vMaxBounds * (1-vPosition); so, here i assume vMinBouns & vMaxBounds are light frustum's near plane dis & far plane dis. second, in the pixel shader, cookie = tex2Dproj(CookieSampler, tcproj); here: tcproj, is it in the light view space, and float atten = 0.25f + 20000.0f / dot(,; how can i get the lsPos_depth ? thx for any help! [Edited by - wmonash on October 21, 2006 10:30:26 PM]

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Sorry for that, i have modified. :)

Why there is no answer, because my poor english? i will try to explain it in more detail.

1. i create a series planes facing to the viewer in dedifferent depth,
2. trilerp these vertex within view-space-AABB of light's frustum.
3. in pixel shader i sampler texture using tex2D
float2 vProj = (In.proj.xy/In.proj.w);( In.proj is cal in the vertex shader, which is perspective by light_view_proj )
cookie = tex2D(CookieSampler, vProj);
4. calculate atten base on the paper, but i don't really know what is lsPos_depht stand for? Is light position? or something else?

[Edited by - wmonash on October 21, 2006 11:26:43 PM]

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