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[java] Audio Formats HELP!

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Hello everybody, I have a problem with the Java AudioFormat class, can you help me please? The thing is Im working on a voice chat using the following audio format settings: AudioFormat(AudioFormat.Encoding.PCM_SIGNED, sampleRate, sampleSize, 1, 1, frameRate, false); Where: audioReadBytes = 1024; sampleRate = 8000.0F; frameRate = 8000.0F; sampleSize = 8; My problem is that these settings can cause incrementing voice delay and sometimes even block the application. It works fine on a LAN but on the internet it never works. I wanted to ask you if there’s a better audioformat setting that can decrease the size and quality of the sound, so it works on low bandwidths. I’m new to audio formats so I don’t understand them much and when I tried to change the settings by decreasing the sample rate I didn’t get what I expected. Please help me... Thanks a lot, Dan.

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