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1.) A good book.
2.) Some good software, such as Blitz BASIC or DarkBASIC.

It depends on your previous game-development experience and your programming experience. That also effects which book to choose, because if you're proficient in C++, you may want to delve right into DirectX. If you know C++ well, you also might want to just try a graphics engine like OGRE or Irrlicht.

Could you give us some more information?

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If you have a good understanding of computers, you might want to dive into C++. I'd recommend that you get a book called "Beginning C++ Game Programming" because it's excellent and approches C++ from a game programmers perspective.

Otherwise, I'd recommend you start of with a more basic way. I'd google BlitzBasic, or maybe Torque 2d Game Builder. They're both very easy, and powerful. You might want to mod a previous game just to get a feel for how it all works.

Lastly, I recommend you clean up your post a little bit. People may answer to a "PLEAAASSEEEEEEEEE EHLPPPPPPPPP ME!!!!!" post, but it is a bit annoying. Could you make your title something a little more informative, like "Making a First Game"?

Good luck!

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