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Question about Lua5.1

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Hello i'm trying to embed Lua inside my C# app with Tao.Lua (Thnx for the info in my priv posts). The c# app is not a game (sorry for being on the wrong site, but this seem to be the best place to get information!) Acctually the app is a log parser to find certain triggers in Game log files (Everquest, WoW, etc) and speak out if a match is found (TTS SAPI) The end user can write easy Lua scripts to make triggers example test.lua trigger("You sense your doom approaching.", "Curse_Vishimtar"); -- A raidemote for everquest calling te function Curse_Vishimtar function Curse_vishimtar() speak("Curse fired!"); -- Speaks text with SAPI tts display("Vishimtar curse fired!"); -- Print to program RichTextBox End This all works perfectly on script load the C# function trigger adds the patten and function to call into an ArrayList but now i'm trying to make it so if the second arg in trigger (The function to call) doesnt exists it raise an error. So ive tryed the check if an function exists but offcource it returns that the function doesnt exists as it hasnt be loaded at that time. Anyone have a idee how to get arround that problem or maybe have a better easyer way ? regards kevin

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