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this pointer

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my idea was to have a declaration like Font *newfont = new Font("Tahoma"); and then newfont would be inserted in the parameter that asks for the type font to print the text in. But I keep getting an error on the this pointer wich I don't seem to understand very well. font.h

class Font { 
private :         
int numfont;
#include "Font.h"
#include <string>
using namespace std;

Font::Font(char*fontname) { 
   extension = ".pcx";
   char*loadshit = strcat(fontname, extension);
   FONT * this;
   PALETTE palette;
   this = load_font(loadshit,palette, NULL); 
     allegro_message("failed to load font%s",allegro_error);             

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The this pointer may not be defined or assigned to: it is a read-only language keyword available by default in all member functions.

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// This does nothing good; numfont just contains some garbage value
// as it has not been initialized, and every Font object will have
// their own garbage numfont.
// If you want to keep book of the number of Font objects created,
// numfont should be declared static and defined in the .cpp like this:
// int Font::numfont = 0;

// This shouldn't even compile; extension is a char*, but string literals
// (such as ".pcx") are of type const char*.
extension = ".pcx";

// In the best case, this will probably crash your program.
// In the worst case, it will just cause some erratic behaviour.
// strcat assumes that there is enough room in fontname for extension,
// but there very probably won't be -> it happily writes outside
// the bounds of fontname, with unfortunate consequences.
// Use the std::string!
char*loadshit = strcat(fontname, extension);

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