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Breaker-A breakout clone with particle system

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Hi!I`m proud to release my first game - Breaker.It's nothing newqbut it helped me much in learning how to develop games. Download : Screenshots : Electric Wall Effect Explosion effect Fireball effect Information: Well you know well this game.You have to destroy all the bricks with the ball until all the levels are gone.You have 10 levels to complete and 3 lives.There are 10 types of bricks and also 5 powerups.I included a map editor with wich I made the levels,but it's very buggy s I suggest not to use that.If you want to use it,then you have to make the files from 11 level (stage11.stg,stage12.stg,etc...).That's it. Keep in mind that it's actually my VERY FIRST game,so dont't expect anything from that.It's kinda buggy so be patient.Tell me if/when you encounter some of the bugs.Any support and feedback is appreciated.

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