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Managed Wrappers and Inheritence

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Hi, I have another managed wrapper question (promise I'll go away soon! :D). I have in my unmanaged classes Node and Light classes. Light inherits from Node. If I create a MLight wrapper class (managed light) it works fine, but there are some unmanaged functions in other classes where I need to be able to pass any type of node... these functions too need wrappers. If I create an MNode class then I can have my functions look good to take any type of node (MNode), but that means I have to inherit MLight from MNode. Doing so means MNode will create a node instance that is not necessary since creating MLight create the unmanaged Light class that already contains all the inherited node information. I guess my question then is, what is the best way to handle inheritence when writing wrappers? I hope my explanation above made some kind of sense. Thanks! Rael

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