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16 bit float vertex buffer object & FBO

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Does anybody already has experience with using 16 bit floats for render to vertex buffer via FBO/PBO ? I found its possible to use GL_HALF_FLOAT_ARB for VBO/PBO and GL_RGBA16F_ARB for the FBO texture, but my framerate dropped quite a lot by doing this - also I just had garbage on the screen, so I suppose the formats might not match.. I think its in general useful to store vertex buffers as 16Bit floats instead of 32 bit ones, since they just contain local object coordinates. For game-characters it should be the best way. -sven

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My config is a GF6600GT, winXP, 81.98 drivers.

I create the FBO texture via

set the vertex pointer via
glVertexPointer ( 4, GL_HALF_FLOAT_ARB,0, (char *) 0);

and copy by
glReadPixels(0,0,width,height , GL_RGBA, GL_HALF_FLOAT_ARB, 0);

Before I forgot to use half float for the readpixels,
since I use it its quite fast - however, its not working,
there is nothing on the screen...

is there any mistake ?
It worked fine with a 32 Bit FLOATs so far.
Which drivers are you using ? I got some trouble using FBO/PBO and
32 Bit FLOAT textures and the newest NVidia drivers, so I continued using
the old ones.


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Ah,ok now its working :-) I made a mistake on another place. But now I found its not worth to change the FBO to 16 bit floats - alltogether its slower than using 32 bit float for me, since I need 2 rendertargets:

one for he vertices and one for the normals. Using 32 bit floats, I can encode the normal in the alpha channel and hence only need one render target.

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