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Danny Gilbert

Lighting in scene

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Hi ! Something I don't understand. I have a scene with a sky box and a mapheight for mountains and river. When I want to shutdown the light (ambient light), only the sky box disapears in the dark and I can still the mountain and the river. My screen is not black as I expected. I want to add some flash light (directionnal light) but I need to remove first the ambient light. I don't use ambient light in my code. I don't work with light at all. Everything was shown and it was OK. But now, I want to use light effects. I use the command SetRenderState( D3DRS_LIGHTING, FALSE) to shutdown light Only the sky box disapears. Is there something about mapheight that I forgot ? What I understand is that I build mesh with normals (direction of the reflecting light) and I use textures. I expect that SetRenderState( D3DRS_LIGHTING, FALSE) remove all lights.

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