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another SDL question: tiff.dll?

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Hello again, I have a problem regarding the use of PNG loading using SDL_image. It seems like it needs SDL_image.dll, SDL.dll and tiff.dll I try to run it from Dev-C++ and it doesn't run at all, when I run the .exe directly it says: "tiff.dll" needed. So I'm kinda confused. However tiff.dll was not included in the downloaded package(from Dev-C++ devpacks, when I downloaded SDL and SDL_image) Thanks once again!

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Yea i was caught out for a while the package doesnt contain the .DLLs with it.
You need to place .DLLs in the same directory as your .exe file if you want the .dlls download my small game:
it has the .dlls in the folder for loading:
SDL image
ttf fonts.

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