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In the Game Design forum I posted an idea that they said i should talk to a programmer about to see if it is possible. Here it is: Instead of making maybe 500+ quests that everyone knows they will do and expect to do them so often that they scream every time they do them I thought that having quests that had to do with: someone needs something done, enemy faction made a move that you and others will fight against, a rumor leading to treasure or something you can do, etc. So instead of the same old starting quest, go kill 12 goblins and bring me their armbands you may make a character that has to scout out reported disturbances of bandits and try to avoid contact and another time go protect a caravan going from here to there. My question is if this is possible, an ever changing quests you do and nothing to tell you who needs one done, just talking until you find something out that sounds like a quest.

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