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Java rotating image problem

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Does anyone know how to rotate a regular image in java? Im tryin to rotate this object 45 degrese. Well if ya know i'd like to kow. If ya need more info i'll give ya more info. I just need to know how to rotate an image 45 degrese. Heres what I mean //i have an image named meteor Image meteor //later i get image meteor = getImage(getDocumentBase(),"m.jpg"); //i have a meteorengine method that is called and repaints the applet every time this becomes true if(m_x <= -10){MeteorEngine();} //if the meteor is off of screen go to meteor method. //meteorengine method public void MeteorEngine() { m_x = (int)(Math.random()*500 + 500); m_xy = (int)(Math.random()*500); //sets meteor x&y at random, plus the x a random number + 500 which is the width of the game screen so it just doesn't pop outta know where. //here is where I want to rotate the image but don't know how. meteor.rotate(45); //I know this is legal with a buffered image, so how do i convert to bufferd image and will it ruin my buffered image or not, or how can i do this to a regular image? } I appreciate all the effort, reading, support, and help upfront. Thanks, c.s. finch

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I came up with this directly from this website.

Google more.

int buffer[] = new int[32 * 32];
int rotate[] = new int[32 * 32];

PixelGrabber grabber = new PixelGrabber(_METEOR_IMG_, 0, 0, 32, 32,
buffer, 0, 32);

for(int y = 0; y < 32; y++) {
for(int x = 0; x < 32; x++) {
rotate[((32-x-1)*32)+y] = buffer[(y*32)+x];
_NEW_METEOR_IMG_= createImage(new MemoryImageSource(32, 32, rotate,
0, 32));

Edit: Whoops that only does 90 degrees. But scroll down on the site and it demonstrates rotating in 5 degree increment. P.S. This was my google search "java image rotate," first result.

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