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There is a competition that has just started out here in Western Australia called Nullarbor ( Its a games development competition where we have until the end of March 2007 to finish this game, and so far the only programmers are myself and my friend. We both have some programming experience, mainly in C# and but we havent taken on anything 3d before. So yeah, 2 programmers (possibly 3, were working on it now) and like 10 multimedia students bouncing impossible ideas off us already... Our experience so far is in 2d tile based games like the Shining Force games on Sega, so moving to 3d is taking a bit of learning on our parts. The group has decided upon a First Person multiplayer RPG, mainly medievil orientated. Im not expecting to have huge inventories or stats etc involved, mainly upgrades to weapons and abilities like in the Half Life mod Natural Selection. The question that im posing is wether to go with a commercial games engine like Torque or to go with an open source engine like OGRE which will require us to find things like network and sound libraries to integrate. The college will pick up the tab so money isnt much of an issue, and so far us two programmers have decided that Torque would be easier because the complete package is there, theres an active community and seeing that we get the source code we can modify it as we see fit. Other engines that have been considered are Sauerbraten, OGRE, and the C4 and Crystal Space. Can anyone give me advice on what they think would conform to the Nullarbor rules, as well as give us something that could be picked up with a bit of study in the 4 months that we have.

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