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A Homework Question.

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umm more precisely, is there anywhere on the net I can actually get small challenges to help me put into practice what I read in tutorials on c++? the sort of challenges I mean are like from the basic for loops, input/output to the likes of classes, pointers and references. Any links and tips would be appreciated! Werdy666:)

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Although I'm not sure of any references off hand, I know that a lot of books you can pick up at the library have exercises in the back, so that may be a good place to start.

As more general advice, you should reconsider "A Homework Question" as a subject title. You're probably not getting a lot of responses because people probably think you're asking for help on a particular problem assigned to you as homework. This usually receives an unfriendly attitude at best, and that kind of thread usually gets closed fairly quickly.

You'll probably get more responses than you can effectively deal with if you rename the thread "Where can I find programming exercises?".

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I would also like to know this very much, for Java as well as C++. I think I understand concepts, but I don't really have any way to practice, and whatever I think up for myself is either too easy or beyond what I know.

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What is your skill level? What concepts are you comfortable with?

How's this for an exercise:
Parse an XML file, and display the contents as a tree. Don't use outside libraries.
For instance:
<legs num="2">
<human name="joe">
Joe is a rascally guy.
<legs num="4">
<cat name="furball">
Furball is obese.
<horse name="spirit">
Spirit has an unoriginal name.

Would put out:

----legs num:2
--------human name:joe
--------Joe is a rascally guy
----legs num:4
----------cat name:furball
----------Furball is obese.

That will involve a little creativity, and will hopefully be helpful experience. That's good for both of you. I'll keep this thread bookmarked, so if you finish it and aren't soulless by the end of it, post again or PM me. Since you're here at GameDev, I'll try to keep it relevant.

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