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World Of Guirn: The New Rebellion

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Hi. I'm a computer engineering finalist student and I've been thinking about my final project. Since I already have some experience in browser MMORPGs I've decided to study the possibility of doing a browser MMORPG myself. I'll try explaining my idea. The game takes place in Guirn, a fictional world that is controlled by a single brutal and powerdirsty ditactorship government that emerged from the Unification War that took place a couple of centuries ago. Guirn is ruled in an iron fist fashion and no one ever dared to stand against the regime since the Istonic Rebellion in the Iste region. The rebellion ended with the use, by the regime, of several nukes on cities and strategical positions controlled by the rebels, no one could stand against such power. An hundred and forty years have passed until The New Rebellion. During the late, as it was now known, Inter Rebellion period, an underground terrorist organization began to hunt down both government and civilian targets, bombing and executing high ranks of the regime. Fearing that the terrorists could make use of more deadlier weapons like nukes, the government rushed into the creation of a new invention, one that would end with the imminent danger to his capital. That invention was the Hypatos, a nano tectechnology that was to be spread in the air and that had the lasting effect of months. The Hypatos would detect any big explosion, including a nuclear one and redreduce it's effects considerably by countering it, making a nuke no more dangerous than most conventional explosives. With this new invention, the ease of the government's grip was felt by the generalized rebel sentiment. And so, at last, it would be only a mater of time until someone would stand against the ditactorship regime. The beginning of The New Rebellion have come... This will be a strategical MMORPG. The objective is to increase your strength, and make enough alliances so you can ovoverthrown the regime. You'll be given some few weak combat units and you'll have to build up and conquer to compete against an AI or a game master. The rebels aren't all allied and can fight eaeach other for resources, cities or strategical positions. Units will be fully customized and can be changed at any time. here are some examples of what I mean: add recruits to rifles and you'll get a raw soldier; if you add grenades to a raw soldier it will get a stronger attack; provide rocket launchers and it will fight better against armored vehicles; fight with the unit and it will gain experience, speed, stealth or others; if you have a unit that you feel that shouldn't be the one with the grenades (if you have one with better training for example), un-equip them and equip it to whoever you like. There will be a map, so if your troops are in one position, they can't attack the other side of the world. The world will be divided into Sectors and into Territories. Territories can be divided into Locations to show cities or combat fields. And each Territory will have a specified Type of Terrain, allowing different types of units to move differently in each terrain or have different defence bonus. The future AI, will ininitially be commanded by a game master, that will have the responsibility not to kill everyone at the spot. The AI will have feature that hardcoded, and it will probably work thru a notoriety+zone controlled system, sending military units towards that player or Guerrilla. Players will be able to organize themselves into Guerrillas, allowing social interaction and cooperation against the government. The game will be turn based and I'm studding the possibility of making each turn last something like 12 or 24 hours allowing players to interact with the combats and discouraging the traditional time consume reward. I'll implement both this game and it's engine in ASP.NET with SQL Server 2005. All stated above will give me an hard work but it isn't even close to complicated. Most of those are pretty easy to do with the proper database study. In the future, I'm interested in continue, to some extent, to develop this game and later maybe even some other sequels based on the world's story. I would like to ask you is to comment this basic ideas I've for my game. Suggestions and critics are welcome.

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