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[Gp2X] OpenGL ES Implementation

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rixted from the forums has posted news about his recent attempts to port OpenGL ES to the GP2X.
Im still working on my software renderer gpu940 (that I used for the 'code alone' little demo). Lately, I was adding a GL-ES API to ease the use of the renderer. So far, I've just ported glxgears, which is not a very good example because of its waste of ressources (well, the purpose of glxgears is only to benchmark GL implementations). Anyway, with proper overclocking it runs at 20 fps fullscreen with clipping and zbuffer, which is twice as much as previous atempts based on vincent-gl and tinyGL, IIRC. Some part of the renderer can still be optimized, so that I think it's possible to actually use it for well-optimized GL apps (well optimized means : no over-usage of zbuffer and low-poly models). And the 920 CPU is free to run anything else (the GL-ES layer runs on the 920, and performs only 3d transformations and API convertion to the GPU, which then performs all clipping, projections and rendering). With recent optimizations, the code-alone demo now runs at approx 50fps. This is definitivelly false to state that the 940 can not handle rendering because of low RAM bandwidth. I am so happy I felt I had to share these news :-) Roadmap for future weeks : - fix and optimize GL API lighting computations ; - add textures to the GL API ; - try to port a little game to see how far we can get ; After that, probably design a dedicated 3d game for the GP2X, but this is another story.
Let's hope this progresses as it'll be a VERY cool thing for us lot ;)

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