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FOAMZILLA! New student game by Macrocosm.

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Hello everyone, My name is Johan Eickmeyer. My partner Mark Barazzuol and I are video game design students at Vancouver Film School. We've been working on a UT2004 mod called Foamzilla. I'm posting this here in order to get feedback on our project as it is developed. We have the only opportunity in our lives to create total transparency in our game development cycle.(don't worry no NDAs to sign here!) Our preproduction phase is complete, with some basic tech testing and a first pass at the Design, Media, Audio, Tech documents. We are striving to hit a feature complete state by milestone Two, giving us more time for fixing bugs and fine tuning. Now, this is your chance to give us ideas and feedback to make our game as fun as possible. We have a daily blog showing our progress, along with a WIKI site Mark programmed called What is Foamzilla? Good question! Have you ever played with those toys pills that absorb water and grow into foam-sponge creatures? Well, that's what Foamzilla is. He's the byproduct of a military experiment gone wrong. His only goal is to find more water. The more water he absorbs, the larger he becomes! How does the military combat Foamzilla? Well, conventional weapons such as guns are ineffective. They must bring out the heavy artillery of Giant Hairdryers to shrink Foamzilla. Please check out our blog and web site for more info. We have links on the blog to youtube videos showing Foamzilla in the test level. (search Foamzilla) Thanks and please leave feedback! Johan Eickmeyer [Edited by - vfsGameDesignStudent on November 12, 2006 2:18:34 PM]

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< img src="http://whatever-the-url-is.jpg" > but without the spaces around the angle brackets.

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Wow someone responded! LoL :)

Yes you are correct, Foamzilla grows in size depending on how much water he can walk into.

The game takes place on a military base where he was created. There is a hydro electric dam at the end that Foamzilla must destroy, thus absorbing all of the water behind it. At that point he is 8,000 feet tall and finishes off the rest of the facility.

In normal gameplay, Foamzilla can range from half human size to 5 stories tall.

Our game is what you would get with a cross of Katamari and Rampage.

Foamzilla can also sneak into buildings when he is tiny, find water inside and then destroy the buildings as grows from the inside out. Foamzilla can then wear the building for temporary invinsibility.

We have about 50 different destructible objects.

When Foamzilla is large, the soldiers use giant hand held hair dryers to shrink him down.

We should have up and running within the next several months once the game is done and ready for download.

Once I figure out how to get images working. I will post some pictures.

In the meantime please check out our blog which contains videos as we progress.

For only a 2 person production team and two month production cycle, we're making quite a giantly scoped game.

This is the early concept art I came up with. We decided to make a game box mockup first thing, as it helps to maintain game vision. Foamzilla looks better now since I've remodeled him in 3d max 8.

Anyone looking to be a game designer should take note of all the best practices we have been implementing. We've had producers and project managers from EA, Bioware, Propaganda, and next level tell us that that they've been REALLY impressed with our design structure and project planning.

We've had job offers to work on the new Bioware MMO in Austin, based entirely on our design and management skills, even though the game isn't even 30% done yet.

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