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i am looking for an authoring tool that allows me to add interactivity (snap, crackle, pop, neck snapping, whip cracking acceleration, etc.) to the stuff i draw (most of which is 3D.) i have worked since 1988 with engineering solid modellers and have just gotten to the point in 3D Max where, if i was working for myself, i wouldn't fire myself. in other words, it's beginning to be fun, and i'm learning to draw as fast or faster as i did with solid modellers. though without the anal-retentive "it's got to be accurate to .000001 inches" Gestalt running through my 3D models. i have some programming learning - machine language, C, Visual Basic - college classes, extension classes. so far the authoring tools i've found are DXStudio and Flux Studio. i like both of them, but - what else is there ? (besides Garage Games and Virtools.) or - a good immersive tutorial, like the 3D Max tutorials, for DX studio.

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