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Reading .PAK files

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Hello everyone. I'm a little confused about how this code is working. This is from cmdlib.c in the HL 1 SDK. Now I'm trying to learn what this code is doing because I need to learn to manipulate the way the program reads and understands the .PAK files. I don't understand anything about this code and was wondering if you guys could help. I don't think this is cpp either, I'm pretty sure this is c and I don't know anything about c. Here's the Code: Taken from HL SDK 2.0:
/* ============ ListPak Prints the contents of the specified pak file to stdout ============ */ void ListPak(char* pakname) { FILE* f = SafeOpenRead(pakname); packheader_t head; packfile_t* pdir; long i=0,imax=0; long totlen=0; SafeRead(f,&head,sizeof(packheader_t)); pdir=malloc(head.dirlen); fseek(f,head.dirofs,SEEK_SET); SafeRead(f,pdir,head.dirlen); fseek(f,0,SEEK_END); totlen=ftell(f); fclose(f); imax=head.dirlen/sizeof(packfile_t); for(i;i<imax;i++) { printf ("%64s : %7i\n", pdir.name,pdir.filelen); } printf("Total Length: %li bytes\n",totlen); } long flen(FILE* f) { long savepos=ftell(f); long filelen=0; fseek(f,0,SEEK_END); filelen=ftell(f); fseek(f,savepos,SEEK_SET); return filelen; }[/Quote] I just need help understand what's going on here, what is it doing and how can I convert it to cpp. Thanks, Taylor (Odin)

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Hey, What do you mean by "how can I convert it to cpp" ?

Well the "void ListPak(char* pakname)" function reads the PAK file and store the information from it in 2 structures called:

packheader_t head;
packfile_t* pdir;

then it prints out the names of all the files stored in it and the size of them.

the long flen(FILE* f) function just return the size of the file.


Try to call this in your program.

ListPak( "MyPakFile.pak" );

Good luck.

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You need to understand the Format of a Pak file.

There is usually a static header (fixed struct) and then a directory list of all the subentities (directory entries for the files).

That is then followed by all the file images, linearly.

The program first reads in the header and then the entire directory (array of file names/data structs) -- it knows how big the dir block is from data in the header.

It then prints the individual file names (traversing the array with a for loop)

There is a .h file that defines the Structs involved.

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