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Unity When do *you* decide to announce your game demo?

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MatrixCubed    199
I'm getting closer and closer to having a major announcement for my game project, but since this is my first 'big' project, I figured I would throw out the idea/question among the community here: When, in your game-project's development cycle, do you prefer to make the "look at me!" announcement? For commercial games, I suppose "public beta" would be the best time to make announcements, to generate interest in a nearly-finished product. For games which are 'for fun' or 'tech demos', sometimes all that's warranted is a pretty screenshot or link to a playable/viewable demo. For games with open ended development cycle and team-building, I suppose an announcement could stand to be made farther away from release than usual. (Incidentally, I have seen a lot of posts on gamedev which aren't necessarily playable (e.g. the 'tech demos'), but are nonetheless milestones of programming excellency which thoroughly deserve broadcasting for viewers' pleasure. This is not really the topic of discussion that I had in mind, as they are not necessarily game demos.) Summarily, for an eventual-game project, I think folks might be most interested in something which is more or less nearing completion, that is at least moderately interactive, and somewhat visually attractive. Your thoughts?

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