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SWIG/Lua wrapping boost::shared_ptr?

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Hello everyone. Suppose I have the following Cpp code:
class Foo
  const char * bar();

typedef boost::shared_ptr<Foo> pFoo;

// And:

pFoo make_foo()
 // .. somehow created.

What do I write in the SWIG interface file, so that pFoo can be used i Lua code? Naively, I tried to just include boost/shared_ptr.hpp, but the result was horrible (glue code did not compile). I also simply tried this, after some googling.
namespace boost {
  template<class T> class shared_ptr
      T * operator-> () const;

I can call make_foo() without problems, but the returned object is only recognized as general userdata, and I get an error when I try to call foovarname:bar(). Is it impossible, or am I simply retarded? (Hopfully the latter). rude

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