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Hey there! I recently got a laptop, but there is no windows key on the bottom where I like it :( Instead, there's the 'Fn' key, so what I'm trying to do is write a message hook to intercept the message. From there I can emulate a windows key event. I've used Spy++ to watch messages, and I've determined that there's a WM_USER+4097 message that's sent to certain programs (such as a program called "Fn-esse" installed on my laptop which lets you configure function key combos to execute commands). I want to get this message! I've used low-level keyboard hooks before, and I've been trying to use it again, or the WH_CALLWNDPROC hook... but I'm having no luck. In fact, I keep crashing explorer and visual studio.. At one time I couldn't get the keyboard hook to work because it would crash, but then I switched the project back to ASCII single-byte shizzle (thanks 2005..) and it worked. Buuut, it's still crashing for the other hooks I've been trying. Does anyone have any tips on how I can determine when the Fn key is pressed? If hooks are the answer, why do you suppose I'm crashing? I'm calling CallNextHookEx when nCode is less than 0 like they say you should.. Thanks for your time!

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