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XNA Game Engine: Xna5D (Alpha Release)!

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Since late September / early October I have been working on the sequel to my MDX2.0 engine, Dx5D. I have finally got the code to a state that is acceptable for some sort of a release, hence the Alpha tag. Xna5D is all 2D based code so far, although 3D is certainly planned for its future. Here is a breakdown of what is in this release and how to get it. For more information please visit http://jsedlak.org/Xna5D and for general XNA news and updates about the engine go to http://jsedlak.org! Please remember that this is a one man job except for the included XNAExtras (BitmapFont) class as well as ScreenCapture (does not work). If you find any bugs, please send an email to bugs@jsedlak.org with a description of the bug as well as how to reproduce it. If you need to contact me please use the form on my website, found at http://jsedlak.org/contact. If you would like to work on the project or contribute components feel free to contact me. I am always on AfterNET (IRC) in channels such as #xna, #xnainfo and #general. p.s. I do know I need to comment more... I'm working on that...

How to get Xna5D: http://jsedlak.org/files/Xna5D_Alpha_Bin.zip (800kb) http://jsedlak.org/files/Xna5D_Alpha_Src.zip (6.5mb) The source includes a project called Xna5D_TestBed which is showing off some of the current things I am working on. Currently it is loading and displaying a tile map and has the animated cursor as well as normal engine features. To get to the console press the tilde (~) key. Some simple commands are: sm Xna5D_Console LoadScript sample_script.txt - Loads a console script sm Xna5D_Stats on sm Xna5D_Stats Color.White sm TestMap edit on - Turns edit mode on for the map... You can find the already built exe in the source's Xna5D/Xna5D_TestBed/bin/x86 folder. Documentation: Basic NDoc compiled documentation has been included with the source, but it is a bit outdated.

http://jsedlak.org/docs - Contains some documentation as well as some help with installation and referencing the DLL. Also some tutorials on how to get started. A lot of the engine is feel based right now, ie things are as you should expect them. Documentation is limited because I have only started on it. I am adding more everyday. Right now a lot of the items require compiled resources in specific folders... this means that for now you must copy and paste the Content, Logs and XML folders to your project's output directories.

What is included? (No 3D Support Right Now!) Manager - the Managing component "starts" the engine by instantiating all the necessary service components such as EBIS, GUIManager, Console, Stats, etc. GUIManager - Requires EBIS, allows end programmers to create controls and display them. Controls included: TextBox, Label, Button, Window, Checkbox, Radio Button, GamePad Axis EBIS - "Event Based Input System" provided just that, Event Based input from the mouse and keyboard. Used in GUIManager (and controls) and Console Console - Provides a drop down style console. Allows users to send textual data to classes that are listening to the necessary events. Stats - Provides basic stats for debugging such as FPS, Frame Timing and displays for GamePadAxis (requires GUIManager). XmlLogger - Provides XML based logging with XML and HTML output via an XSLT file. Physics2D - Provides Conservation of Momentum to objects as well as instantiates Collisions2D and Gravity2D. Requires the object implement IPhysical. Collisions2D - Provides Convex N-Sided Vertex based collision detection and response. Includes methods for creating vertex data for octagons (balls, round shapes), squares and triangles. Requires the object implement IPhysical and ICollidable. Gravity2D - Provides the simulation of Gravity in 2 dimensions. Requires the object implement IPhysical. Ball - Sample class that shows off the Physics class. Map - Provides basic 2D Tile map functionality. Loads from an XML file. This was just finished today! Scrolls, edit mode is started. Sprite - Provides simple 2D rendering. Tokenizer - Provides string tokenizing. Cursor - Provides 2D cursors with animation. Animation2D + Frame - Provides Animations. Future revisions will allow for scriptable frames. ParticleEngine2D - Provides simple 2D particle effects. Fading sprites, random velocities, etc. XNAExtras BitmapFont / Font2D - Provides 2D Bitmap font rendering. Used by Console, GUI, and Stats. Does not have to be instanced (are not game components) Known Bugs: Xna5D.GUI.Window/UIComponent does not clip sub controls on resizing. Screenshots: Xna5D Screenshot 1 Xna5D Screenshot 2 Xna5D Screenshot 3

Xna5D Screenshot 4 Xna5D Screenshot 5 Xna5D Screenshot 6

Xna5D Screenshot 7

Thanks for looking! - jsedlak [Edited by - Krisc on November 14, 2006 6:31:23 PM]

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