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Need advice

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I don't know if a book exists which will really teach you C++ and gaming related information at the same time.

I recommend learning C++ first, and then worry about "gaming" stuff. Learn C++ to where you are comfortable with it. You don't have to learn absolutely everything, but be able to understand the common stuff (trust me, there are features in the language that you'll never use). I would really recommend learning all the object oriented stuff. Learn about classes. Basically, don't be a C++ programmer who uses C++ to write C programs.

Then get a book about gaming which uses C++. While reading the book, if you hit any C++ code you don't completely understand, go back to the C++ book. You should be able to understand every line of code.

If you're going to do DirectX stuff, I would even recommend learning Windows API's before concentrating too much on DirectX. The Petzold book on Windows 95 is a good book for that. It really teaches you the basics of Win32 API's.

I read a lot of posts on here that are from people missing the "fundamentals". It's cool to be excited about something and want to go after it full bore, but these people need to have a little more patience. I've seen a lot of posts from people "working" on 3D games who are asking some REALLY basic programming questions. I know that if they had spent some time writing other programs in C++ first, they would not be asking the questions they are.

Just my two cents worth...



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I'm a beginning game programmer as well (although I already know C++). I got "Tricks of the Windows Game Programming Gurus" by Andre LaMothe (there is a review in the books section). I'm about halfway through the book and from what I've read so far, it is excellent! It starts out with a good description of standard Win API use and then jups into DirextX. The information is presented at just the right pace (for me anyway)... fast enough to keep it iteresting, but slow enough so that you really get to understand all of the important concepts.

I would highly recommend this book for leaning game programming, but it would be good to understand C/C++ first (there is a C++ primer in the back of the book, but I haven't looked at it, so I don't know how good it is.)

Good Luck with your learning!

-- Chip

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Take it from someone who tried to do things backwards...learn as much C++ as you can before you try to figure out how to make a game. You'll only be wasting your own time if you don't. Here's a few books I would highly recommend though:

C++ Books
The C++ Programming Language-- by Bjorne Stoustrup (it would be helpful to probably go through a beginner book first but not totoally necessary-always great to refer back too)

Windows Books:
Programming Windows-Charles Petzold (You'll definately want to know the in/outs of WIN32 so this is a must)

Game Prog Books:
Windows Game Gurus-Lamothe(you've heard about it by now)

Inside DirectX is also very helpful. Doesn't cover D3D.

I would recommend picking up an ASSEMBLY book too. (Assembly Language Step-By-Step). I don't program in Assembly but this book does wonders in explaining how things really work inside a computer. (Bit-shifting,etc) All things you'll definately want to know at some point. I still can't program in Assembly nor have I tried but I refer to this book a lot...plus its pretty funny.

Basically, the better you are working with the lower level parts of programming, the more fun you'll have once you start game programming. AND DO THE EXAMPLE WORK THAT THEY GIVE YOU IN THE BOOKS!!! It may be boring at times but it will pay off much quicker than you think. Just reading the examples and understading what is happening isn't the same as doing them and making them work. There, that's my 2 cents. Good luck and have fun! Friz

Still Learning...

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Hi there All

I was happy when I was advised about learning C++ and the advice is paying off.
I bought a very good book on C++ and I have been studying it.

I am a VB Programmer and the transition is not really a difficult one, however, I realize that most good games ( generalizing ) are C\C++ programmed.

I love Visual Basic, but if I can Learn C++ gaming, I guess it would be much better.
I have looked at many books, and there are just too many to make a single decision.

I am therefore appealing to all you games programmers, which book out there could benefit me the most ?

This is a difficult question to answer but I really need advice, I would like a book on 2d & 3d gaming as I would like the best of both worlds.


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