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Unity Getting started with LuaPlus and VS8

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Hello, I have browsed on gamedev.net quite a few times for answers to my questions and it has been very helpful for that so I'd like to thank the community for that before I get to posting ;) So I am going to start integrating LuaPlus v5.1 into my game. I have decided that to meet our needs, this is the best and most flexible language for us. However I have run into a few problems. 1) Downloading LuaPlus v5.1. I have visited http://luaplus.org/tiki-index.php?page=LuaPlus+Home+Page (the LuaPlus download page) a few times and don't know how to download the package. Apparently I need to use SubVersion to do so. Anyone familiar with this or have downloaded LuaPlus from this page? In the meantime, I downloaded LuaPlus v5.0 from sourceforge.net and am tinkering around with this... So does anybody know of a site where one can download a nicely zipped copy of the LuaPlus v5.1 package with everything I need to get started? 2) Setting up Visual Studio 8. I am not sure how to setup my project files in VS8 to be able to begin using LuaPlus. I have added the include and lib paths appropriately in the Tools->Options of VS but still nothing. Also, how does one setup the integrated debugger to work in visual studio (or on its own)? Do I need to compile LuaPlus before doing anything else? The downloaded package came with source code but I imagine that it is there only if I want to modify it... 3) Tutorials. I have founded a few tutorials to walk me through, but never having used scripts before (or being properly setup) I don't know which one to follow. Does anybody know of a good one? I haven't found any tutorials that outline how to get started with VS 2005 with LuaPlus. I am developping on Windows XP in VS 2005. I will be interfacing the LuaPlus calls with C++, which was a big factor in choosing LuaPlus. Any help, comments or whatever you can provide is always appreciated... Thanks, sean

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