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I just took a look at the books has listed and has rated and was wondering by those who have read the books, and their suggestions what books, or series of books would you suggest a beginning game programmer intermediate programmer buy. For instance, I have sufficient knowledge in Java, but realize if I really want to get hired within 4 years after college I should start with C++ take as many C++ classes with all my math classes as I can, and on the side as a hobby I should make games that are feasible, and possible to make, etc... Well, what books do you recommend me reading for me to accomplish this? The only C++ books I have is C Primer Plus 3rd Edition, and Programming A Multiplayer FPS in DirectX (which I have to be honest it's a little bit over my head, but would love to have the knowledge to read it within a year) and I know I need to start designing great games, proficient programming techniques, and work on my game portfolio of what I have programmed, etc... Any book suggestions? Thanks, c.s. finch

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