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THE SPOILER - independent game!

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Hi there! THE SPOILER is a adventure game (point and click) about courtroom action. In resume, you're a laywer who might defend your client (in the first part of the game, you make the investigation; in the second, you defend your case in the best way on the trial). We think that's a pretty original idea for a game. There's others new concepts too, like the fact you won't be stacked in a "level" or a day 'cos you have to complete a mission or something, the player decides the right time to go ahead based on the progress of the game history itself. The game plataform have a logistic tool for reach progress on the game (you can't make the goals by "accident" - e.g. click in a question of a dialog + click in a object = goal). You can win the case in several ways and/or learn what really hapenned, so there's a lot of possibilities. It's in portuguese but we'll translate it to spanish and english when we're able to do it. But it's free! We want to make it public, we want people to help/work with us, I don't know... Send us an e-mail: THE SPOILER (430MB) - website with download option (portuguese): Thank you so much for this help (and sorry for my english) strattford - BEWARE THE LADYBEETLE

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