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Total Newbie - Looking for feedback

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shortd81    112
Hey guys, Well I have a wonderful game idea but honestly don't know the first thing about the business of game development as far as legal issues and getting and managing a team. Is there anything here or anywhere where I can find information on what I will need as far as programmers, artist, concept etc to get this rolling? Thanks.

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Obscure    175
Given the large cost of commercial game development the first thing you will need is millions of dollars. I am afraid no one will pay you money for your idea and no publisher will be interested unless you have a proven industry track record making games. See for the full explanation of why.

If you don't have millions of dollars then head over to the Help Wanted forum to advertise for hobby developers. However, you should bare in mind that there are hundreds (if not thousands) of people who have "a great game idea but not the experience/skill necessary to make the game". I am afraid that many people will simply ignore projects unless the founder can demonstrate
a) some relevant production skills with which they will contribute to the development process, and
b) some progress (beyond the document stage) such as a tech demo or at least some graphics

That means you will need to learn at least some of the skills necessary to make your game.

The last option is to develop the skills and qualifications necessary to get a job in the industry. Then work for several years to move up the job ladder until you finally get to a position where people trust your skills enough to put you in charge of a game design.

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