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[.net] scripting language Lua

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blanky    364
This is almost scary haha. I just read about this yesterday myself and today I've been investigating and researching on whether or not I should use this and if I have a use for it, so far, I feel like using it myself. Anyways, there's an article on embedding lua in C# programs with LuaInterface. The article is here.

It might seem hard/difficult/a hassle, but it seems pretty useful.

EDIT: I also suggest you read this, the discussion thread for that article. One post got me thinking, seeing as how LuaInterface is a project to make a type of 'Lua.Net' per se (Correct me if I'm wrong), wouldn't the 'end user' be able to access things such as System.IO, in other words, wouldn't it be a security risk?

I'm not an expert myself so I don't know the answer to that question. Also, it seems like this 'integration/embeded-ness' seems more like a hackish solution, seeing as it wasn't intended (As far as I know) to be embeded into C# but rather be it's own .Net implementation all on its own.

But like I said, I'm not that experienced in this area so if anyone would be kind enough to shine some light, we'd appreciate it.

If you would like to try another scripting solution, suggestions include IronPython, Boo, and even C# itself. But I guess the reason people like/choose lua is because it doesn't extreme programming knowledge and is therefore useful for other members of the dev team or community to create features.

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