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Google SketchUp Review

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Google SketchUp Review Source Sketch-Up was once a pricey piece of software and I wouldn’t even consider buying it. Luckily, Google bought it out and there is now a free version for all to download, still with it’s great features. You won’t be making masterpieces anytime soon, as the software is limited, and mainly for architectural use, but for those people looking to make some simple 3d Houses or objects it’s quite nice. It’s all point, click, drag. Nothing to get confused with, just a bunch of big buttons, and some nifty tools. For example, to make a cubed you just draw a square, extrude it and there, you have a box. By putting a few boxes together, and maybe go all out and make a cylinder (that was a joke…a bad one), you can get a pretty nice looking building for a very small amount of work. If you absolutely love Google SketchUp you might consider purchasing Sketch Up Pro 5. Rating: 4/5

Awesome program, but limited for those wanting detailed buildings, houses etc.

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