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OpenGL I need help from all of you!

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I would suggest bumping your thread less frequently as others have suggested, it is hurting your ability to get feedback.

I don’t have as new of a version of Visual Studio so I can’t compile your code. But regardless, slow down and explain a little clearer what your issue is.

By global rotation do you mean the ability to rotate an object around a point rather than rotating it about its own axis? Please explain clearly what you need to do (with an example), and I will try and help you.

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Guest Anonymous Poster
"Scope1" is the first project ( OGL.zip. "Scope2" is the second one (OGL2.zip). The desired behavior of the program is that the two cylinders are always touching - one cylinder stays in the same spot (but grows in length), and one cylinder moves around, but always intersects the other (stationary) cylinder.

1) Run Scope1
2) Press the "Go" button
3) Press the "up arrow" on the keyboard once (now you can see both cylinders)
4) Notice that the two cylinders always intersect

Run the steps above on Scope 2 and you will notice in step 4 that the cylinders don't always intersect.

Hope this helps, Please help me

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Bumping before reading?

As I said in my prior post I am NOT able to compile your code, and with the description you gave I really don’t know much, but here it goes. I really suggest you read what other people post if they are trying to help.

I am going to assume you just want the second cylinder to rotate around the first one.


DrawCylinder(); //The middle cylinder, drawn at 0,0,0
glTranslatef(); //Translate the distance out the other one is growing minus the second cylinders radius
glRotatef(); //Rotate the cylinder around the center
DrawCylinder(); //The second cylinder, drawn at 0,0,0 (the rotate and transform will move it)
glPopMatrix(); //Done

If that is not what you need, well it is a shame you didn’t give me more details like I asked.

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Original post by badbrain
I think the solution to the real problem is Cylert (pemoline), Dexedrine (dextroamphetamine), or Ritalin (methylphenidate).

LOL good one.

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