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citrix thin client and 3d games

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Dear all, I have developed a game in Blitz3d- a medical simulation. My company that I work for in my full-time job uses citrix, as do most of our customers (hospitals). Because most hospital PC's are rather slow, I thought we could use citrix to delpoy my game from a central server to many client PC's. We tested this in the office, but citrix does not work with directx- I get a message saying 'no 3d graphics modes found'. We thought that it was something to do with directx and RDP (directx is enabled on both server and client), and that a game developed in a .net environment would be different so I downloaded a demo and successfully tested it, but the .net game is very slow and seems prone to crashing. My dilemma now is, can I translate by Blitz3d code to VB If so, will this .net game reliably run over citrix? Even if it does, I would like to support arount 100 simultaneous users with a decent (30fps) frame rate (we can set up a citrix server farm so I am not too worried about the hardware). Another question- am I totally off track here? Is there a better way of doing this, perhaps without using thin client? Kind regards Shawnus

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