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Object stacking again - Should this algorithem work?

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Hello together, I am trying to get my physics engine to be able to be able to handle object stacking. I had and Idea about an algorithem, and I found similar Ideas in this forum what I am trying to do now is the following: ----------------------------------------------------------------- - Detect all object-object collisions and make a time sorted list of them. In this list, for every object only the first collision is inserted. while the collision-list is not empty do: - Take the first pair of objects from the list and do collision response. Do the following for both objects: - Test the object against all other objects in the world. Take the earliest collision. - Travel through the collision list. - If you find a earlier collision with the object, do not insert anything. - Otherwise, insert it at the correct position (so that the list remains time-sorted). return to beginning of loop ------------------------------------------------------------------- I think in theory this should work. But for more than 4 objects, the algorithem does not converge (meaning, the collision list never gets empty). Has it been done does way before? Is this just a bad Idea? Advice and Tips are welcome :) Thanks! Nathan

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