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Progressing towards an engine

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I've been playing around with 3d programming a bit since the beginning of this year or so (not as much as I'd liked during the second half of it though :(). Basically I've just been making tons of classes trying out different things while learning, and by now I have quite a big codebase. This has however made me more interested in actually making a better framework for my applications. Partly because it would simplify the process of making new graphics demos (and maybe some small games) but mostly because I think I'd learn a whole lot from it. I also have to do a big project in school this year and I chose to take the chance to do this as my project since it would make me more motivated to actually finish the boring parts etc. I'll also try to learn to become a better programmer overall, write better code with a better design etc. For now I'm mainly interested in designing and implementing the core parts of the engine like renderer, scene graph etc, since I've done very little of that before. Then with time I'll pump it full of features, but that won't be a focus for a while. I'm pretty sure I'll fail miserably and all that, but it's all good as long as I learn, something I definitely think I will :) Now I'm looking for books and other things that will help me on my way towards greatness. After looking around on the books section here on GDNet and on Amazon I think I've found a couple of books that I really should buy. 3D Game Engine Architecture, by David H. Eberly Code Complete, 2nd Ed. by Steve McConnell Game Coding Complete, 2nd Ed. by Mike McShaffry Anyone got any tips for other must-have books or other resources I should check out? Except for the obvious ones like the Enginuity series here on gamedev and such.

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