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Compiler issues

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I'm having issues with the compiler (Visual C++ / VS .NET 2003) not being able to handle header includes very well. I've got two classes... Circle and Polygon2D. The Polygon2D class contains a pointer to a Circle, and the Circle class contains a pointer to a Polygon2D. Obviously the Circle class includes the header file for Polygon2D, and vise-versa. The compiler doesn't like that. Circular reference or something, I presume. I get messages saying one of the classes doesn't exist. What's the best way to resolve this?

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try adding #prgama once
you should see it in VS generated files. I don't have VS handy so I can't tell you what they use exactly but it is something lilke that.

In most other compilers you use something like:
#ifndef FILENAME
#define FILENAME
stuff from file

this way files are only included once.

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