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As I'm taking a sandwich course over here in the UK, I'm required to land myself a one year paid internship as a programmer. Obviously, I'm intereseted in doing that placement year in a games' studio. As of now, my 2 main projects are: - A 3D top-down 2 player deathmatch game with tanks, using OpenGL, FMOD and PhysX. Rather feature complete, sports a fancy camera and nice graphics. - A ragdoll creatior and manipulator app (again, OpenGL and PhysX). Create ragdoll around the scene, push them around, change a bunch of values at real-time, throw them against objects (you know, good old ragdoll fun!). Main points are the ragdolls themselves (very complete, they react better than those found in most games, IMO) and a brickload of 3D maths flying around all over the place. Also, its damn fun. Obviously the code is well structured, has correct use off OO principles, a good naming scheme, commenting, etcetera. Would such demos (and a good CV and cover letter) be enough to warrant at least a phone interview? If not, what would be? Thanks.

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