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A question for Sixpack

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Yes, they are. Borland changed their name to Inprise about 2 years ago--- some of their compilers still use the Borland name. I'm not sure, but they may even be dropping the Inprise name in favor of Borland; atleast for their compilers.

Yes, Inprise == Borland.


you can find info on the product at: www.inprise.com
Be sure to check out the newsgroups on Builder... lots of your technical questions will be answered there (already).

Something you should be aware of, that I didn't think of at the time:
new versions of Builder seem to come out on an annual basis. Builder v5 could be out as early as Feb 2000 (realistically- between then and April)

When it does come out, it will probably be $120. Builder 4's price was probably lowered to $98 because it is later in the year.

Should you wait for version 5? I can't answer that. Personally, I can't see you using the majority of the new features in v5 -- I can't see myself using them either. In addition, you'd have to put up with the bugs of a new version. $90-some-odd is pretty cheap for the package you get.

The version of Builder isn't going to change the fact that you're still getting the same old Borland C++ v5.02.

[This message has been edited by Sixpack (edited December 07, 1999).]

[This message has been edited by Sixpack (edited December 07, 1999).]

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You mentioned to me about Micromaster and to check out for Borland C++ Builder 4.0 Professional. You later changed it to look for Inprise C++ Builder Pro 4.0. Are they the same thing? Thanks.

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