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Optimation of renderstates

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aero68    122
If I have ZEnabled and render a mesh using shaders and that shader sets ZEnable = true. Will that state be set every drawcall or does the driver keep what is set and whats not ?

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jollyjeffers    1570
I'm pretty sure FX9 will automatically save/restore pipeline configuration for you (it uses state blocks behind the scenes). I don't have details to hand, but there is a flag you can pass in if you want to disable this feature.

Under FX10 it's the other way around - by default it won't save state and you're responsible for managing the state blocks.

You can always use PIX for Windows to determine this sort of thing. Use D3DPERF_BeginEvent() and D3DPERF_EndEvent() around your rendering code then run a single frame capture. You can then see all of the state change calls that D3DX makes as part of the FX9/FX10 implementation.


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