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Need Help With fading

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HI, I need help with fading. For example I have two quads: one quad is black(quad A) another with image(quad B). I want to know how make quad A transparent and change the level of it transpersnts. Plz help.

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enable blending for quad a, and then just change its alpha value over time. its been a while since ive used opengl blending but it think this is all you have to do

//setup the blend func to use

//render quadB behind quadA

//turn on blending
//render quadA infront of quadb
//if you're doing glcolor to set quadA you can easily change the alpha
glcolor4f(0.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f, quadA.transparancy);

just remember that when doing blending you always have to render objects from back to front, or else it wont look right.

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